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Shawnee Hill Art Opening - Monday, February, 10th

Come Join us on February 10th at 6pm.

The bar will be open and we will have some snacks provided.

Artist bio//statement:

I've been raised into the art world since I was a child. My grandmother is a porcelain doll artist, my mother did graphic design and occasional illustration, my siblings all have talent in the arts, even if they don't want to believe it themselves. I have been the only one in my family to formally pursue art as a career via Pratt. I started out as a fine artist but I decided to take the design route with Communications Design - Art Direction as my major at Pratt. I fell in love with aesthetic organization in the digital sense, but realized it carries over to my illustrative work as well.

"Artist Statement-ish": My style of working tends to be organic, mainly because of my lack of confidence in recreating a sketch directly. I don't always have an exact blueprint in my mind of what I want to create, just an idea, or inspiration. I am not capable of drawing exactly what I see in my mind, and when I try it's disappointing. I'm always happier creating pieces that arise from just putting the pen to the paper, and building upon that. I sometimes start a piece with having a general inspiration in which i do a lot of research, looking at things to incorporate, or expand on once i get started. That is usually as far as I get with pre-planning an illustration.
I find myself documenting the process of art just as much as the piece itself, I like being able to look back at the different stages of my work, to see how I came to the choices i made each step of the way. This year I want to start focusing on pieces that visually translate that thought… sort of like my visual journey through a choose your own adventure book; the book being the finished product of whatever I created.

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