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Owl House Oyster Bar with Neversink Gin

For one night each year, The Owl House is transformed into Rochester's favorite oyster bar. Join us for a cocktail party on the patio with Neversink Spirits.

Reservations are needed for this event and can be made by calling the restaurant at (585) 360-2920. Reservations cannot be made online for this event.

(Our oyster menu will not be available inside the restaurant. If you'd like to enjoy dinner after the oyster bar, please let our team know when you call to make your reservation and they’ll make a second reservation for dinner.)

Classic Martini
Neversink Gin, Dry Vermouth

Reverse Martini
Blanc Vermouth, Neversink Gin

Szechuan Dirty Martini
Neversink Gin, Dry Vermouth, Szechuan Spice Olive Brine

Neversink Gin, Vodka, Lillet Blanc

Raw Oysters 6/$12, 12/$24

Pink Moon PEI, Savage Blondes PEI or Raspberry Point PEI
Mignonette, House Hot Sauce, Lemon Wedges

Grilled Oysters

Spicy Brown Butter and Parmesan (Katama Bay MA)

Fried Oysters 6/$15

Remoulade, Crumble Bacon and Chives (“Dam” Big Oysters ME)